Cutting-edge technology kits on show at Yass High School provide a virtual reality, 3D printing, filmmaking and robotics experiences to help students develop skills for future jobs.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian was joined by Member for Goulburn Pru Goward on a visit to the school today to watch students using the equipment now being made available statewide to boost science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning.

The STEM kits are part of a $23 million project over three years to provide public schools – including those in regional and remote areas – access to technology that will encourage students to take up STEM studies.

Premier Berejiklian said the rollout of the STEM kits was one of a number of initiatives the NSW Government has put in place to prepare students for future employment opportunities in the digital age.

“We know that 75 per cent of all new jobs will rely heavily on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM),” Ms Berejiklian said.

“This is why an initiative like this at Yass High providing experiences in fields like virtual reality and robotics can support students with an interest in the STEM areas.”

STEM-related activities showcased at the school included shooting and editing film using “green screen” technology, programming a robot to solve complex problems, building programmable robots using Legos and virtual reality exploration of a school of the future.

Ms Goward said she was delighted to see local students benefiting from the innovative technology at Yass High School. 

“This is an enjoyable way for students to become familiar with the sorts of skills that will be essential for rewarding and exciting jobs in the future,” Ms Goward said.

Ms Goward also welcomed news the school was to further benefit from improved STEM learning with brand new future-focused science classrooms as part of the NSW Government’s investment in schools infrastructure.

In addition to the STEM kits, Yass High School is to further benefit from improved STEM learning with brand new future-focused science classrooms as part of the NSW Government’s investment in schools infrastructure.

Education Minister Rob Stokes has announced initial planning is underway for a new building based on a STEM teaching framework learning due to start in late 2018 with completion in mid-2020.

“The new learning spaces at Yass High School will provide the staff and students with a modern teaching and learning environment tailored to their needs,” Mr Stokes said.


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