New HSC Marking Centre in Goulburn

Member for Goulburn Pru Goward today announced more than 100 teachers will be employed at a new HSC marking centre in Goulburn this year.

The Goulburn marking centre will be at Trinity Catholic College and operate from 17 October to 15 November and will be run by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

“The centre will employ around 100 English teachers to mark a section of the English Standard exam and around 13 Primary Industries teachers to mark that course’s exam,” Ms Goward said.

“NESA is now seeking applications from local teachers and I encourage all who are interested to apply for this great professional development opportunity.

Marking gives teachers important and valuable insights into how they can support the exam preparation of their own students.

One of the major improvements in marking, using technology developed in NSW, is online marking – the exam papers are scanned and the teachers record each mark on the computer rather than pen on paper.

The online marking system distributes examination responses to markers randomly and anonymously, and senior markers are able to review marks awarded in real time which is not possible with marking exam booklets.

For students, the benefits are that the online marking system randomly and anonymously distributes HSC exam responses to markers, and senior markers can review marks awarded in real time.

Information will be sent to local schools this week by NESA with details on how teachers can apply to work at the Goulburn Marking Centre. To apply, go to

Pru Goward

Member for Goulburn

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