Member for Goulburn, Pru Goward, today announced a new $15 million commitment by the NSW Government to help fund road safety officer positions in local councils across
the State, including Goulburn Mulwaree.

Ms Goward said the Local Government Road Safety program will see council officers receive
longer-term funding for projects that address road safety issues specific to their local community.

“The NSW Government is committed to road safety and this program supports the work done by Goulburn Mulwaree Council to address issues in the Goulburn region,” Ms Goward said.

“Some of the projects run by local government address issues including speeding on local roads, drink driving and fatigue.

“Other projects target correct use and installation of child restraints, pedestrian safety and workshops on road safety for older road users.”

“The funding for this program is $5 million dollars a year for 3 years and will be run by Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety. 

“The program will be made available to local Councils, such as Goulburn Mulwaree, employing road safety officers and delivering local road safety projects.

“The new $15 million commitment will also allow councils in NSW who cannot afford a road safety officer to have the option of applying for one-off road safety projects.

“The work these road safety officers do within local councils throughout metropolitan, regional and rural NSW is invaluable in helping to save lives and change the attitudes of people using on our roads, including those in Goulburn.

“This $15 million for the Local Government Road Safety Program is additional to other NSW
Government initiatives to improve road safety including: the establishment of a Traffic and Highway Patrol command centre and the record roll out of flashing lights which will see every school in NSW with a set by the end of 2015,” Ms Goward said.

The Local Government Road Safety Program is a partnership between the NSW Government and participating local councils throughout NSW.

The program currently funds 76 full-time or part-time road safety officer positions within 91 NSW councils. 

Road safety officers deliver behavioural and educational road safety projects to address local issues. They are employed under a 50/50 funding agreement.

Progress reporting will be made through project milestone reports and annual evaluation reports, with continuation of funding being assessed based on performance and delivery of projects. 

This new arrangement will provide certainty of funding for road safety officer positions and encourage the implementation of well-planned projects which can be implemented over three years. 

Pru Goward

Member for Goulburn

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Authorised by Pru Goward, Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000