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Recent concerns raised by community members about the Goulburn to Sydney rail timetable have been identified as a regular holiday variation.

The timetable changes over the Christmas holiday period were claimed to come without advice to the community.

Member for Goulburn, the Hon. Pru Goward MP has said that after her inquiry the timetable changes have been revealed as regular holiday operating times.

“It turns out that the current operating times are the usual Christmas timetable, one that occurs every year during the holiday period.

“Regular train travellers would be aware that the timetable changes between the 23rd December and 2nd of January.

“I hope people can rest assured that this was done in accordance with the practice of many years,” Ms Goward said. 

“I stand by the previous request to the Minister directly to ensure that any modifications to the timetable ensure that the train departure time is made earlier to allow people to maximise their hours in Sydney.

The regular timetable with earlier departure will return after the 2nd of January.


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