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The passage of legislation for a tougher and smarter justice system will provide a significant boost for community safety in the electorate, Member for Goulburn Pru Goward said today.

“The NSW Government is investing $200 million to reduce undue stress on victims, strengthen parole decision making and recruit extra Community Corrections’ staff to supervise more offenders”, Ms Goward said.

“The comprehensive package will also enable better management of high risk offenders and help reduce court delays.”

The tough and smart reforms will deliver safer communities by:
• Giving the State Parole Authority new powers to decide ‘no body, no parole’ in murder and manslaughter cases, and to revoke parole for any offender who poses a serious and immediate risk to community safety (even if there has been no breach).
• Introducing a presumption that domestic violence offenders will receive either a supervised sentence in the community or jail time. Safeguards will apply during sentencing to protect victims of domestic violence.
• Giving courts better options to hold criminals to account and reduce reoffending. Suspended sentences will be abolished, Intensive Correction Orders will be strengthened and new more effective community-based sentences will be introduced.
• Encouraging early guilty pleas to provide faster, more certain justice for victims and the community.
• Bringing more offenders under the supervision of Community Corrections Officers, so the causes of their criminal behaviour can be addressed.
• Ensuring high-risk sex and violent offenders who still pose a danger at the end of their sentences can be subject to further detention or supervision.

“People are entitled to feel safe, and these reforms are exactly what our community needs,” Ms Goward said.

“They will drive down crime, protect victims, hold offenders to account and help create a more efficient criminal justice system in the electorate and across NSW,” Ms Goward added.

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