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Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward today met with representatives from the non-government sector to continue discussions about transferring the responsibility for out-of-home care services to non-government organisations (NGOs).

“The NSW Government is committed to transferring more responsibility for out-of-home care services to the non-government sector as recommended by Justice Wood,” Ms Goward said.

“To ensure shared planning and a successful transition, a joint NGO/Government Ministerial Advisory Group will be established.

“The Advisory Group will be co-chaired by Andrew McCallum, CEO of Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies and Jim Moore, Acting Director-General of the Department of Family and Community Services.

“I am grateful to Mr McCallum and Mr Moore for jointly taking on this important role.

“The advisory group will be tasked with presenting a shared position on the transition process, as well as providing clear advice on the broader reforms that the Government should prioritise in order to improve children’s services,” Ms Goward said.

Minister Goward said everybody around the table was committed to putting children first.

“There was a common commitment to doing better for children and a strong recognition that placing children in out-of-home care is not always the best outcome for the child or community.”

Further meetings with peak groups and senior representatives from the non-government sector will continue in order to receive ongoing feedback and carefully manage this transfer.


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